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5 May 2015

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Iron Speed Designer is a very user-friendly designing tool that lets you build database-connected .NET applications. The best part about Iron Speed Designer is that you can extend and modify the built applications.

When you launch Iron Speed Designer, Application Wizard appears. In the first step, you specify the page style for your Web page. The page style you select here becomes the style for all Web pages. In the next step, you specify the location of the database file and the authentication method. You also select the database tables and views. In the next step, you specify how to create Master-Detail pages. In the next step, you specify the data filters that you want to view on Web pages. You also specify the display order of fields and table columns. You can choose to edit a column name for clarity. In addition, you can hide some fields and sort fields in Web page view. You can also specify the navigational controls to be included on Web pages. Clicking the Finish button creates the .NET application.

If you want to change the binding properties and their display style, you need to invoke the Properties dialog box. Here, you can change the Display properties, Initial value settings, Data bindings, SQL query, Security settings, properties, and events. If you want to use data from more than one table and create a join, you only need to click the Query icon on the Tables Panel Wizard. Then you need to specify the tables and the join conditions. By using the Role Based Security Wizard, you can specify security settings for user, roles, sign in, and sign out. When you compile the application, you will see that the built application has all the layers. Iron Speed Designer allows you to build your application by using a multitude of programming languages. You can modify the built application by using a set of customizable classes that Iron Speed Designer automatically creates upon compilation.

Iron Speed Designer lets you create a .NET application without requiring you to know SQL. In a nutshell it is a great tool for designing a neat and effective database-driven .NET application.

Publisher's description

Generate Web, Mobile and Cloud applications in record time, straight from your database with Iron Speed Designer. Simply point to an existing database and let Iron Speed Designer create a visually stunning, feature-rich application that is easy to customize and ready to deploy.
In just minutes you get a complete application - pages, code and SQL - without hand-coding. You enjoy unrestricted access to all source code, and there are no run-time license fees or proprietary software requirements.
Whether you need an application for data entry, reporting, tracking or management, Iron Speed Designer pays for itself the first time you use it. Join thousands of others who have developed and deployed database applications to the Web, Cloud, Apple and Android environments.
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Iron Speed Designer
Iron Speed Designer
Version 12.0
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User comments

We have used Iron Speed for custom software development on several projects of various types and sizes. Our customers have been very pleased with our responsiveness as requirements change. The fact that our clients can ask us to make database and UI changes and have those implemented in hours instead of weeks is a major benefit. This allows the client to "play" with a version of the application to "test" the business process and get back to us immediately with changes. The speed at which we can generate a new version of the application and the resulting customer satisfaction would not be possible without Iron Speed.
The best thing about the tool is that I don`t have to worry about developing the user interface. This saves a lot of development time and all of my projects look very professional!
We were able to ramp up quickly using Iron Speed Designer. It’s the first RAD tool that I’ve ever seen that actually works (and I’ve looked at a lot in the past).
Iron Speed Designer is awesome! I just pointed it at my database and it gave me a fully working application in 5 minutes. It works really well when you have a normalized database with descent foreign key definitions – the better structured your database, the better app you’ll get. We built most of our custom CRM system using Iron Speed Designer which is used by all our sales reps.
Nilesh Deshpande
I`ve been using IronSpeed for last few years. It has evolved greatly adding latest features such as AJAX and web reporting.

IronSpeed Designer quickly generates multi-tiered application with in minutes, including web user interface. Most other code generators are not capable of this. The code generated using IronSpeed is consistent and extensible.

The ability to generate pages as a configuration option is very powerful. With the new page types in Iron Speed Designer V5.2, I can add a dashboard or report page to web applications without any hand-coding.

Nilesh Deshpande
Director of Solutions Development
LightSpeed Solutions
chitvan Palia
Amazing Tool which helps us to focus on business logic rather than repeated
page designing issues.We use it to develop N-Tier Database driven Applications which
are then customised to change its look and uses according to our Client`s
requirement.We get bugs free Application in short time for our clients. We can make
even more complicated apps than before.Now with this tool we are able to cater to more clients.
Baljeet Matta
IronSpeed accelerates application development with

concentration on business logic(as it creates the

basic pages), with features like ajax, advanced

datagrid.Code clarity and modularity with

documentation increases the effeciency and stylesheets

give a stunning look to the application.Flexibility to

work with any database, Inegration of Third-party

tools, all these decrease response time for

application. Pre implemented Advanced Security and

Concurrency enables the application to work in

multiuser environment.We have been working with

IronSpeed since ver 4.3 and it is getting better and

better with new features being added in each new

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